You might be used to selecting your treatment from the traditional choices of Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, or sports therapy, and while I am trained in all of the above I prefer a more integrated approach in which given your particular needs a combination of these modalities will be utilized.

After a brief intake in which you share your concerns, issues, injuries past and present, I then rely on an integrated intuitive approach to addressing these issues and triggering your bodies healing response.


My approach has been called “functional movement massage”. I really resonate with this description because I want to help your body/mind/spirit function out in the world at its best.

The code on insurance forms for massage is “neuromuscular re-education”. I love this definition (see, you can even find something to love about insurance, if you really try!) because it is a succinct way of saying exactly what I am trying to do; cue your nervous and muscular systems to relax into their most optimal selves.

Meditation + Massage

This is a most profound practice in which we combine the amazing benefits of massage and meditation.


We begin by establishing an intention for the session, a guided meditation that is specific to the intention is then followed by a somatic release massage. The benefits to the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies are deep and lasting.


You will see that this practice is a direct route to radical acceptance. It is not meant to fix or change you but rather to expose the fact there is nothing wrong with you in the present moment. It is a wonderful way to uncover true source; your own amazing ability to heal, body, mind and spirit.

Because of the nature of the session and preliminary information needed I cannot book this treatment online. Please call to make an appointment. Sessions generally last 1 ½ hours but can extend to 2 hours so please schedule with that in mind.


I have heard, more than a few times, people say after a massage, “I wish I could do that every day!”

I realize a part of that wish is the physical benefits, but I will argue what they are really wishing for is the deep state of relaxation that massage gives them.  I then explain that as far as the relaxation response goes, they can have that every day… with meditation.

If you are intrigued by meditation and thinking about developing a daily practice of your own the best place to start is by getting educated on the benefits of meditation; the how and why it can become the most important part of your day and inevitably bring about a more positive approach to life. 

I work one on one exploring the best styles of meditation for you or in a group setting in which over a six- week course we establish a foundation for your daily practice.

Contact me for more information on one on one sessions. 

I will update this website as soon as the next class sessions become available.

I received my meditation teaching certification through The Veda Center.