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Back Massage

You might be used to selecting your treatment from the traditional choices of Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, or sports therapy, and while I am trained in all of the above I prefer a more integrated approach in which given your particular needs a combination of these modalities will be utilized.

After a brief intake in which you share your concerns, issues, injuries past and present, I then rely on an integrated intuitive approach to addressing these issues and triggering your bodies healing response.


My approach has been called “functional movement massage”. I really resonate with this description because I want to help your body/mind/spirit function out in the world at its best.

The code on insurance forms for massage is “neuromuscular re-education”. I love this definition (see, you can even find something to love about insurance, if you really try!) because it is a succinct way of saying exactly what I am trying to do; cue your nervous and muscular systems to relax into their most optimal selves.

1 hour: $100
1.5 hours: $150
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Please call or text: 970.470.1406 to book and appointment

Meditation: One-on-One or Classes


Carving out time to get still, breathe, pause. 

Sounds great!   but…easier said than done, right? 

You have read all the articles on the benefits of meditation and would like to add it to your wellness program. Just like going to a personal trainer can help solidify a physical fitness routine, one on one meditation sessions 

provide you with the tools to transform the inconsistent attempts into a daily habit as non negotiable as brushing your teeth (mental hygiene is as important as dental hygiene!).  It is counter productive to keep adding meditation to your to do list. Instead, seek out the resources that can help shift it into something you truly look forward to in your day. Whether one on one, in a group class or self paced online course, the help of a guide instills the foundation, support, and sustainability that leads to a practice that enhances all aspects of your life. 

And if you have a dedicated practice, a one on one session is a powerful tool to address a specific issue, to release what is no longer serving or to reset, recenter and ground yourself in an even deeper practice.  

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Yoga at Home

Do you want to add yoga to your healthy lifestyle but don’t know where to begin?

Do you feel you’ve reached a plateau in your personal practice and want to progress with the guidance of a private yoga instructor? 

Have you always wanted to start a practice but felt intimidated in a studio class setting? 

Are you working through illness, injury, addiction, anxiety or trauma and feel that yoga may be a supportive tool toward a more successful recovery? 

 Your private yoga sessions will be customized to meet your individual goals, fitness level and body type. Private sessions offer the personalized instruction necessary to develop a greater understanding of yoga and the many benefits, including optimizing your health, reducing stress and anxiety, fine tuning your practice and deepening your connection to your body and breath. A private yoga session is appropriate for virtually all fitness levels. 

One on one yoga is based entirely on your needs, it holds space to meet you where you are right now. 

In the comfort of your own home, in person or on Zoom, one on one yoga offers the focused attention that can help solidify your practice into a daily habit that informs and enhances your life. 

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Build your own session

Beach Meditation

When two or more of these offerings are combined you create a powerful experience that can have profound holistic effects. 

The movement of yoga, the stillness of meditation and the complete relaxation response of massage go deep to create a re patterning and long lasting transformation.  

You will see that all of these practices are a direct route to radical acceptance.  Not meant to fix or change you but rather to expose the fact there is nothing wrong with you in the present moment. It is a wonderful way to uncover true source; your own amazing ability to heal, body, mind and spirit. 

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